My Goal

Please read Curren’s Story. Share this with all of the parents you know.
The first thing that I can say is… I am ALIVE. The worst thing that can happen to a person(as far as I am concerned), has happened to my family. My children lost a sibling, my parents and in-laws lost a grandchild, our aunts and uncles lost a nephew and… we lost a beautiful little boy. A tragic accident happened in our home. Curren Erik Collas made his way to heaven on February, 25th 2014 at the age of 2. These are my words, my heart, my pain and happiness.
I wish that I could explain how literally earth shattering a tragedy like this can be. It feels like I am so sad that it fills me up to the point of bursting. Like a volcano that could cripple a whole village. My tears flow in slow motion down my face that takes a toll on my soul. I have always been strong, but this is enough to break someone. I ask myself all the time, how I can still be here. It is quite simple. I am here for my remaining children. They need me. They need my smiles, hugs, tickles and LOVE.

Standard Disclaimer Applies to all of my posts… Please forgive any spelling or grammatical errors.  I can’t go back and read what I wrote to correct or organize my thoughts.  This is my heart flowing through my fingertips in hope to reach as many parents that I can.  I want my little boy to look down on me and be proud that I am sharing his story.  I want him to know that he is saving little lives.   Please share his story with all of the parents you know.


  1. Rachelle

    Your suing a store over your own stupidity? It’s parenting 101, common sense and there is a warming in the box with bold letters that say SECURE TO WALL!!!!!’ It’s not ideas fault your child died it’s yours for not anchoring iit to the wall. You didn’t do it and your child like every child climbed it and it fell. Im sorry you lost your child that is something no parent should have to deal with… However I hope you loose this suit like a ball of flames. There is no reason non to go after ikea for your mistake. I’ve had these dressers for over 10 yrs.

    1. Elena

      Wow! Rachelle you’re a despicable human.

      1. Tracey

        Damn. What an asshole comment.

    2. Julia

      Wow. The person below was generous in calling you a human.

      I hope you get help for the anger and bitterness that resides within you. Whatever happened to you must have been terrible. But that doesn’t excuse your acting like a cretin to this poor family.

      Bonus tip because it’s the holidays: you might want to take a beginner’s grammar/spelling course.

  2. Sheila

    Rachelle. I never post comments but you literally just made me want to cry at how soulless you are. Please keep your opinions to yourself when it pertains to something as sensitive and horrific as this. And try to deal with your anger and why you hate the world instead of spewing your hate on those who don’t wish to hear or read it. Something tells me you are a miserable person.


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