Curren’s Funeral Slideshow

I wanted to share with you the slideshow that I made for Curren’s funeral.  Wow, saying that is so hard… It gives you an ache in the bottom of your belly.  Like the feeling you get when you go on a big roller coaster.  That sinking feeling that makes you panic.  He are pictures of his whole life. Enjoy.


  1. Beth
  2. Mom

    broke me to pieces all over again… Love and hugs

  3. Stacie Berglin

    just felt compelled to visit this site and watch the videos again…it crushed me, but maybe I needed a reminder of the realization of life’s uncertainty. such a precious sweet baby boy. xoxox

  4. Kayla

    There is nothing I can say to help ease the pain of what you guys must have went through. But you have a beautiful family and you have a perfect little angel watching over your family. Such a sweet little soul.

  5. Merrick

    I am so sorry for your loss. I have a 10 month old son. Your story has persuaded me that I need to bolt down my sons baby room dressers and the large flat screen TV in our family room. Until I read your story I wasn’t convinced that it was entirely necessary. Thank you.


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