4 Weeks

Already today there were a couple of ups and downs… I went to get my stitches out today from the surgery on the 3rd! Yay… no more itching! Then I went to the grocery store. This was very sad for me. I saw so many things that I don’t have to purchase any more. It was not an easy trip. I almost had a complete meltdown in the isle about something ridiculous. My all time favorite candy is the Jolly Rancher Fire,. My grocery store is the only place that I have found them… well, no longer I pretty much cursed the store out in my head. I am not a sweets girl, never have been, never will be. But on the rare occasion that I like to suck on something… it is a fire candy. After my mini meltdown in my head I did something that I was proud of! I had my first public share moment. I asked the check out lady and bagger if they knew any children ( I was the only one on line… grat rime to go tto the grocery store btw…). They said that they did. I told them about Curren and how important it is to strap/bolt everythingb down. They told me that they read about him in the paper and that they would let evryone they know about it! I got through it without bawling like an idiot. Tears were present but they did not overflow. I got into my car, looked at his picture and thanked him for the strength.


The next day:

This morning after the kids got on the bus I realized I hadn’t checked the mail from yesterday. I opened the mailbox to find 3 bags of my fire candy jammed in there!!! Laughter bubbled up out of me! I couldn’t stop. Thank you so much, Sarah Martin. You put tears of happiness in my eyes. It is the small things that keep you afloat. You really made my day!

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