29 Weeks

Every night when I go in to Curren’s room to say goodnight to him, I say a prayer. I always end with asking god to send me a sign of what I am supposed to do and to give me a clear path that feels right to follow. So many people have contacted me or commented that I should write a book or start a blog. Well!!! That is what I am going to do!
Ive never been a great writer or a very imaginative storyteller and honestly, I don’t go back to read what I felt. I say felt, because that is exactly what it is… I turn all of my feeling to words and it feels like my lungs can breathe deeper, that the air is clearer. This will be an outlet for me to get all of the happiness, joy and pain out.

If this is not a sign from god, I don’t know what is…. I could not stop smiling. This will be one more way to spread Curren’s story! I pray every time I click that post button that one more person that never knew to anchor their furniture will read it and question what I am talking about. Each time you click like it shows up on your friends newsfeed. I thank everyone of you that continues to share his story. You are saving lives. Thank you Robin for San Juan!


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