23 Weeks

Wow. I just got word that Currens gravestone will be put on its final resting place… tomorrow. I have dreaded this day for so long. I have put this off, and off, and off. I sent it back to the drawing board so many times. Thank you so much Andy at Gingrich Memorials! For being so patient and not murdering me I finally had to lay out all of the drafts and had Jake pick. I wouldn’t have been able to choose. Nothing would have been good enough for me. It was unbearable to make a decision on something that is so final. This stone is the whisper that will be left long after I am gone. I think I will be happy once I see it and know that people will see a physical marker for him. Aiden, Isabella & Hayes will love to look at his picture! All in all, I know this is a good thing… but it sure hurts like hell.

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