20 weeks

I went to the movies this morning with the kids and a friend! Super cute movie and the kiddies had a great time. As I was leaving I spotted a mother with a little boy who had Currens exact snuggly blanket. One of the 2 blankets that he slept and snuggled with every single night of his two years. I felt like someone punched me in the stomach. I had to hold myself back from going up and smelling and feeling that blanket. I got in the car with the kids and missed his blankeys so much. I know they are safe wrapped around his body under the ground. But boy did it make me regret putting them in the coffin with him. It still surprises me how hard and fast things hit me and how overwhelming it can be. I shared what I saw with Aiden, Isabella & Hayes. They were so sweet trying to make me feel better by saying that his blankeys were keeping him nice and cozy. I am so so blessed to have theese kind hearts around me! 1234613_10202531236553642_459842313_n 425348_3166380129907_988365582_n

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