1 Month

It has been one month since my baby blue eyes has left this life. Some minutes are better than others… Im still working on spreading Currens story. So thank you to all who have shared. My little boys room still smells like him and so does his snuggly duck. His basket of laundry still has unwashed clothing in it and his slippers are still lined up at the end of his bed… I walk into his room and breathe the deepest breath that I can. I am trying to spend time laying in his bed, reading and thinking good thoughts. I need to get passed this horrible picture in my mind when I walk in. I miss his laugh in unimaginable ways. I miss his face. I miss his hugs, kisses and snuggles. I. MISS. HIM.

Yesterday was such a hard day… First the insurance company called to renew Currens health insurance, which I then had to tell them that he died. Then, right before bed, I lost it… I keep praying that the picture of him pinned under the dresser will fade… I literally can not breathe. So painful. On a positive note, I am so so so blessed to have all of these new wonderful people in my life. I have met some great loving people that I will be thankful for for the rest of my life.

I just saw this and it really hit home…
“God never gives us more than we should handle” it should be “whatever life brings, God is there to help us handle anything and everything if we just trust and ask”.

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